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Pretty Woman Kinley Dorji The village The young woman is bent almost double, vigorously soaping her hair, face, shoulders, and neck. Her faded blue flannel petticoat is pulled up so the elastic holds it just below her breasts. It is wrapped around her buttocks and thighs with the end bunched together and held between her knees. She is singing as she rubs the somewhat hard cake of red Lifebuoy soap with some effort to work up a lather. The water, a natural spring, flows down the mountain into the village which is a scenic sprawl of terraced fields that are cut into the steep slopes. The foot-wide community canal meanders down through the terraces, taking the spring water past the houses. As the water flows past each house it is tapped with a zaa , a three or four-foot hollow half log that channels a small jet of water towards the house. It is shared by the people and domestic animals and the drain-off waters the vegetable gardens. The 12 houses in the village are spread out. Each house has its own space, surrounded by clumps of trees, bamboo, and vegetable gardens. Beside every house is a cowshed and a pig sty and some have chicken coops. Multi-coloured hens, mostly with red, brown, and white feathers, and the occasional rooster clucks around the houses during the day, pecking tit bits from the ground. Most families keep a fierce guard dog to warn them of leopards that come to steal hens. They are usually locked in a strong wooden house to stop them from biting visitors and to protect them from the leopards. Bent forward to catch the stream of water before it hits the drain, the woman does not see 10- year old Kuenley who runs down the slope along the canal. Ignoring the twisting path, he nimbly dodges artemisia and cannabis bushes and clumps of bamboo, and jumps over a variety of dwarf shrubs, some of them with serrated leaves that have sharp thorns sticking out of them. Puffs of dust rise as his bare feet hit the dry earth. He clears the last patch of yellowish green shrubs with a leap, landing near the woman. “Ow Thrimi,” says Kuenley. “My mother sent me to borrow your dre (measuring bowl).”
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Rubbing a new layer of soap into her closely cropped hair, she does not hear him. “Ow Thrimi!” Kuenley shouts. Still bent over, Thrimi stops and turns her head sideways to look at Kuenley. She squints through the soap bubbles that make her eyes smart. “Oy Kuenley,” she says. “Wait, I can’t hear you.” She places the soap on a stone on flat piece of stone on the edge of the canal and moves forward, placing her head under the stream of water to rinse the soap off. When she is satisfied that the soap is all gone she runs her fingers through her hair and straightens up to face Kuenley. Her neck, rounded shoulders, and muscled arms are burned dark brown. Her large and firm breasts are much fairer. The water trickles from her hair and face, down her arms, between her breasts. “What did you say?”
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dorjik - Pretty Woman Kinley Dorji The village The young...

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