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STUDY FOR LIVING STANDARD IMPROVEMENT ON GNH PHILOSOPHY Shuichi Hirayama, Researcher, Human Science Research Institute, Daito Bunka University, Japan, [email protected] Theme: Social Transformation Research domain: Living Standards ABSTRACT Morality and the independence of the individual by education, in addition to sufficiency of physical standard of livings such as GPI and BNH, are needed to improve the standard of living. And, synergy effect can be expected when GRI and BNH are satisfied at the same time. The fulfill of GPI and BNH bring a synergetic effected is thought that it is not to be enough in a simple sufficiency, and needs a philosophy like GNH, the idea based on the prescriptive social norm, and the philosophy for the sufficiency of the standard of living. Only the individual to the standard of living is individual satisfaction is strongly related to this philosophy. The idea of GNH offers a vision that supposes to be a standard to satisfy, and individual aspect in a society as well as indispensable to help individual autonomy. INTRODUCTION “GNH (Gross National Happiness)” is a philosophy for building the nation by pursuing happiness. This concept could be applied in other countries by making some adjustments to meet local requirements. The basis of GNH is process to have a methodology. Knowledge process greatly changes into the event and the situation by the methodology to obtain. This paper to obtain to discuss, how people get their satisfaction in respect of living standard and what is necessary to improve the standard of living of prescribing, based on the GNH concept. First of all, in the course of consideration of each GNH indicator, it is helpful to understand the essence of GNH to change the view of from “what” to “why”. This depends on individual, that is, GNH itself is able to be pursued based on each individual’s thought. Incidentally, “thought” fundamentally denies existing economical theories. For example, some economists criticize as GNH accepts poverty. This criticism is based on the precondition that poor people are not happy. This precondition denies, economic theory itself, as it cannot be concluded that all poor people are not happy. Whether people are happy or not depends on their own action of the mind. This is because some economists do not accept GNH and its fundamental theory. However, GNH should be focused on the process theory by some economist. First of all, how to advance the main discourse defines the standard of living in GNH. And, this paper clarifies the diversity of an existing standard of living indicator and GNH. Then, paper will try to explain what is necessary for people to be satisfied with the standard of living. In conclusion, Paper will explain what kind of factor is necessary to the improvement of the standard of living of prescribing it with GNH.
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MEANING OF LIVING STANDARD The definition of “Standard of living” The definition of standard of living in basic economics is prescribed as the amount of household’s
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