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SUFFICIENCY ECONOMY: A HAPPINESS DEVELOPMENT APPROACH Kaemthong Indaratna, Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, [email protected] Theme: Inner Transformation Research domain: Other subjects : Happiness and Sufficiency Economy ABSTRACT Happiness has multi-levels. Most people perceive and understand happiness at the basic level. It is mainly hedonic happiness or short-term, temporary happiness from gaining and receiving both materials and non-materials. This basic happiness is based on basic natural instinct. However, human has higher potential than to act upon basic instinct. Human is capable of being extremely destructive as well as constructive. To promote constructive, peaceful and harmonious living together, human must develop happiness toward higher levels. Sufficiency Economy Approach provides a mind cultivating process that is essential for happiness development toward true happiness that is beyond the basic happiness level. Such a higher level happiness is indispensable to mitigate threats to sustainable development. Human must the naturally granted high potentials positively and constructively with broader and longer perspective. Mind training through Sufficiency Economy Approach considers human as the core of development. It focuses on the strength of human’s capabilities and potentials to benefit at all levels, individual, community, national and global. But human’s mind, without training to think more broadly and ethically, will be highly self-centered, destructive and unethical. Through the happiness development process, human’s mind can draw greater happiness from within. Such happiness is less dependent of external influences, produces positive outcomes with higher efficiency and ethics that are crucial for sustainable development INTRODUCTION Even if all of us want to be happy but few thoroughly understand happiness. This paper will explain what happiness is and how it is necessary for human to develop happiness toward true happiness. Therefore, one can state that happiness is a process that human must go through to cultivate the mind. As the mind is cultivated, it is possible to achieve higher levels
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of happiness. To promote peaceful and harmonious living in the world, human’s mind development toward true happiness is essential. Human must go through happiness development process with an aim to develop true happiness that is beyond the basic, hedonic happiness. The means to reach happiness at the higher levels is mind training basically for right understanding, right thinking and right action. The mind is critically important to determine decisions and actions. The first step for right action is to have right understanding. If happiness is so desirable by all and at all levels, it is fundamentally important to understand
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