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Gross National Happiness and Good Governance: Civil Service Reform towards achieving Gross National Happiness Bachu Phub Dorji [email protected] Anne-Marie Schreven [email protected] Abstract: The Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) has initiated a major Civil Service Reform prior to the establishment of a new constitutional democratic government. It is the government’s mandate to achieve Bhutan’s national vision of Gross National Happiness (GNH); that is to ensure the well being and happiness of the people at individual, community, organisational, sectoral and national level. The Civil Service Reform process aims at maintaining a small, compact and efficient Government to lay a strong foundation for a successful constitutional democracy and to facilitate the development of a strong economy. The challenge is to design and implement the reform process in such a way that the changes taking place in the government explicitly indicate how they contribute to achieving the well being of the people. The focus is on the quality of service delivery that is to assure optimum utilization of limited resources to provide the highest quality of services to the public. Part of the reform process is the introduction of the Position Classification System (PCS) with a strong focus on Performance Management. Systems and capacities are being put in place to introduce and manage performance of civil servants in a more comprehensive and consistent way. Being initiated to form the foundation of Major Civil Service Reform the PCS relates to key aspects of human resource management: Performance Management, Recruitment, Selection and Promotion, Human Resource Development and Remuneration and Benefits. It is based on the performance and professionalism in the Civil Service that is capable of delivering effective services to the people and in meeting the needs of the public administration.
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Following, organisational reviews of the government agencies were being carried out to provide an organisational answer to improvement of quality of services. In these organisational assessments the government agencies were asked to indicate their specific contribution to Gross National Happiness and how they could strengthen their capacities to improve the services they deliver to the public, thus enhancing satisfaction and well being or happiness of the people. This paper describes how Organisational Development (OD) approach can operationalise Gross National Happiness at organisational level as introduced in the Royal Government of Bhutan. The presenters are Mr. Bachu Phub Dorji, Chief Policy and Planning Officer, PPD, of the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC), and Ms. Anne-Marie Schreven, Organisational Development Expert, SNV, Netherlands Development organisation in Bhutan.
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schreven - Gross National Happiness and Good Governance...

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