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GNH, Health and Economic Status of Bhutan Selvaraj M., Lalitha Ramachandran. Theme: Social Transformation Research domain: Time Use and Balance Abstract Happiness is defined as the degree to which the people in a country enjoy the life, as they like to live without harming anyone in the society. Happiness is the ultimate objective of human being at the individual level, but GNH is the national goal in Bhutan. There are numerous factors that bring happiness in human’s life which differ from person to person. For instance, in some individuals’ point of view they may feel that money brings happiness and some other individuals’ point of view it may not. Culture, celebration, festivals, economic status, education, environment, health and people desire are playing an important role in human’s happiness at different stages. The attainment of Gross National Happiness is not an easy task as we all think. It cannot be measured if individual needs and concerns of the people do not paramount to make a macro level of social and national development. A high level coordination is needed between government and people at all level to synchronize the basic goals of GNH as a national policy. If a country can be described by high sophistication of life style, high-tech at all level, development in the industrial sector, good enough resource accessibility, and material well-being across the state, will pursue the problems of unstable politics, not harmonized peaceful environment and society, weak health status and moreover threats from the terrorism either at the domestic level or from outside. As a result of these Problems, ultimately the economic status of the country would shake. However, on the contrary, the kingdom of Bhutan is described to be very limited in all the above- mentioned elements. Consequently, Bhutan has gained the reputation of being a peaceful country around the world and where there is no much treats from the terrorism, economic disparity, sophisticated life style and material well - being are virtually absent. In this case, Bhutan is more fortunate than other neighboring countries in the South Asian region. This paper is the overview of the Gross National Happiness, Health and Economics status of the country. Introduction The countries economic status is been measured into many ways like GNP, GDP, Per capita income, personal income, X-M and so on. No country around the globe would have the objective To make harmful actions against its environment and culture. Not to obtain the self-sufficiency in the productive and non-productive sectors. To promote the terrorism and violence in the society. To have intentionally a bad government to the country and to the people.
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The self-reliance, good governance, promoting cultural heritage and environmental wealth are measured by almost all the countries around world by their GNP, GDP and other economic elements which are popular and known to all the people as a Cardinal or quantitative concept. But Bhutan tries to measure the economic self-reliance,
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selvaraj - GNH Health and Economic Status of Bhutan...

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