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CEL-Third-Party-Financial-Assistance-Policy - Third Party...

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Please contact the Business Office at 248.218.2056 for any questions or clarifications. The Business Office makes the final decision on whether or not payment is deferred. Third Party Assistance Policy Many students who attend Rochester College receive tuition assistance from their employers. Rochester College works with employers and their employees who wish to pursue their education, to provide the smoothest tuition assistance process possible. 1. Students must notify the College of Extended Learning prior to or at registration if they plan to use third party assistance. 2. If the employer pays only a portion of the student’s tuition costs or requires the student to pay the school directly and provide a paid receipt then the student is responsible to pay the balance through published payment arrangements. 3. The student must authorize Rochester College to release any academic and/or financial information to their employer that is necessary for the payment of the student’s account.
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