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Master of Religious Education _____________________________has enrolled in the Masters of Religious Education in Missional Leadership Student’s name degree at Rochester College. This degree requires that each student has a ministry context that allows them to participate in limited projects. For example, each semester students will be asked to discover things about their ministry context that might include interviewing members. Or, they might have a course featuring Bible texts that requires them to lead a small group, teach a class, or preach a sermon (these projects are adaptab le given the student’s role in the congregation). We want to make sure that our students have adequate permissions to develop as leaders in their ministry context. We also want them to have the support of local leaders so that they can receive appropriate input,
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Unformatted text preview: mentoring and coaching. Your participation in their education is vital to their development as a missional leader. This form simply indicates that _____________________may consider ______________ as a partner in their Students name context name ministry education. ___________________ understands that this form does not give them blanket Students name permission for projects. _________________ is responsible for keeping appropriate leadership notified of Students name the nature and scope of all projects for courses within this ministry setting. Students name Students Signature Date Signature of Pastor/Elder Title Congregation Consent Form...
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