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APPLICATION FOR GRADUATION Enter Your Name EXACTLY as it should appear on your diploma ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First Name Middle Name Last Name Indicate when your degree will be completed Fall Semester 20 ____ December Commencement application deadline: October 1 Spring Semester 20 ____ May Commencement application deadline: February 1 Indicate your intentions for the commencement ceremony ± No, I will not participate ± Yes, I will participate Commencement participants and non-participants will be charged a $125 graduation fee. All fees are due before diplomas will be given. Measurements for commencement gown ( i mportant for a proper fit): Height ___________ Weight ___________ Indicate your degree, major, and minor for which you are applying Degree (mark those that apply) Major (mark those that apply) ± Masters of Religious Education (MRE) ± Ministry Track: THESIS TITLE:___________________________________________________ or
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