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Intent to Register Form GRADUATE - MRE Program Rochester College-Est. 1959 800 W. Avon Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48307 This form is NOT a binding document. It is used to determine financial aid over the coming academic year. 2011-2012 ACADEMIC YEAR We received your 2011-2012 FAFSA Form. Your financial aid will be based on the amount of credit hours you will be taking throughout your academic year. Please complete this form so that a Financial Aid package can be mailed to you. Remember most Nursing classes are 4 credit hours each and most other classes are 3 credit hours each. NAME _______________________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER _____________________ Please check the box for your answer and only check one answer per question. FALL 11 (August 15 - December 16): ± 3 hrs ± 6 hrs ± 9 hrs ± 12 hrs _____ (other hours) or I will not enroll this semester . SPRING 12 (January 2 – May 4): ± 3 hrs ± 6 hrs ± 9 hrs ± 12 hrs _____ (other hours) or I will not enroll this semester .
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