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Online-Netiquitte - Online Student Code of Conduct at...

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Release: 10/13/09 Online Student Code of Conduct at Rochester College All students at Rochester College are expected to adhere to the Code of Academic Integrity as described and defined in this document: http://www.rc.edu/cel/cel_documents.php . Rochester College expects you to conduct yourself with professionalism, respect, and courtesy toward faculty, fellow students and the learning environment. You are expected to respect the instructor’s authority, and respect the rights of other students to an education in a courteous learning environment. If you have concerns about a course that you are enrolled in, you should address these concerns with your teacher in a respectful manner that reflects understanding of the instructor’s authority over their own course. Additionally, netiquette refers to “Net Etiquette” and is a set of social conventions that facilitate online interactions. For students taking an online or web enhanced course it is important that you communicate effectively with your instructor and other students.
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