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Master of Religious Education Registration Process Registration Options: ONLINE: Web Registration (Returning Students) Online registration is available 24/7 through the week of January 6 th in the Student Portal. Students can register online via their student portal under ―Registration‖. Be sure to read/watch the tutorial . Students must submit an ―Intent to Register‖ form via email, to the Student Financial Service Office, at fa@rc.edu. Forms ca n be found on their student portal under Financial Services>Financial Aid Forms. Students can accept/deny financial aid awards via their student portal , under Financial Services - ―My Award Letter‖. Students are packaged with their maximum awards based on their FAFS A and their ―Intent to Register‖ form. Any adjustments/cancellation for aid must be submitted by the student, in writing/email, to the Student Financial Service Office. Students may view their billing statement via their student portal under Billing - ―My Billing/Ledger‖. Students are not required to make payment during initial registration. Please note, your financial aid and billing are based on the number of hours submitted on your ―Intent to Register‖ form. If you register for a different amount of hours than submitted, please allow 24-48 hours to receive an email correspondence that an updated financial aid award letter and billing balance is available for your review. Students may choose payment intentions online under ―My Billing/Ledger‖. Payment options for balances due after financial aid include; Pay in Full, Payment Plan and/or Third Party. Payment in full or the first installment of the payment plan is due by January 9 th , 2012 (details on payment method options are outlined below). IN PERSON: Campus Registration (New Students) Academic advisor For those students in the MREML cohort, your courses are already selected and planned. Your degree plan should be enclosed with your ac- ceptance letter. Check your degree plan and the Spring course listing to know what you need for registration. If you have further questions, please contact your advisor, Dr. Mark Love. Academic Services Complete and submit the following forms: Course Selection Form (Signature Required) Payment Choice Form Third Party Assistance Policy (if your employer will pay for your education) You can send these forms in person or fax them to Academic Services 248-218-2045, or send them electronically via email as attachments to pdollan@rc.edu . Student Financial Services Financial Aid All necessary paperwork especially FAFSA for those using loans or grants to pay for their tuition should be submitted and approved. You can contact the Financial Aid office for questions or assistance by calling 248.218.2038 or by email fa@rc.edu . Scholarships are awarded through the Graduate School of Religion, not the Financial Aid office. Graduate Scholarship Applications can be
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SP-12Grad_RegPacketwithoutforms - Master of Religious...

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