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Rochester College Virtual Classroom Course Assessment Today's Date is: ______ Full-time student: __, Part-time student: __ Class Status (circle One): Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior On-line Instructor’s Name: _____________ On-line course evaluated (Course # and title): Semester course was taken (year): Fall ______ Spring _____ Summer _____ Your evaluation of your virtual classroom experience can assist us in improving our on-line course offerings in the future. Please take a few minutes to complete the assessment items on both sides. Please give us your candid response to each statement, indicating the degree to which you believe the statement is accurate by making a check mark (_) in the corresponding box. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey. Your Virtual Classroom Experience Strongly Agree 4, Agree 3, Disagree 2, Strongly Disagree 1 Nine weeks is an adequate timetable for covering the material for this course. ___ My virtual classroom teacher communicated with me effectively and in a timely manner. ___ My virtual classroom teacher was flexible in attempting to meet my needs.
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This note was uploaded on 10/24/2011 for the course UNIV 2201 taught by Professor Staff during the Fall '08 term at UGA.

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Virtual-Classroom-Course-Assessment - Rochester College...

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