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Rochester College Writing Proficiency Requirement rev. 11/6/08 The objective of the writing proficiency requirement is to aid students in being successful in college coursework while enrolled at Rochester College. To meet this objective, students are required to take Composition A & B during their first academic year at Rochester College. (Extra semesters may be required if preparatory coursework is needed or in the event the student fails to successfully complete a basic writing or composition course.) The following policies guide implementation: Transfer of Composition A and/or B: Composition A and/or B with a grade of “C” or higher may be transferred from another institution. AP (Advanced Placement) Credit for Composition A and/or B: An AP (Advanced Placement) score of 3 or 4 will result in the assignment of 3 credits for Composition A. An AP (Advanced Placement) score of 5 will result in the assignment of 6 credits for both Composition A & B. CLEP for Composition A:
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Writing-Proficiency-Requirement - Rochester College Writing...

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