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Chapter 2 read notes - Developmental Psychology Chapter 2...

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Developmental Psychology Chapter 2 Read notes Heredity- the genetic transmission of characteristics from biological parents to their children Genes are only one part of the story of prenatal development One’s family, socioeconomic status and life events can affect a variety of characteristics including physical traits, intelligence, and even personality. We start as a single cell. Ovum- the female reproductive cell Sperm- the male reproductive cell Gametes- the male and female reproductive cells Mitosis- replication of most types of cells Meiosis- form the sperm and ova The 23 rd pair of chromosome determines the sex of the child Females- XX Males- XY It is clear from this process that the father’s sperm determines the gender of the child When two competing traits were both present, only one could be expressed Parents transmit genetic information to their offspring via the chromosomes they contribute through the gamete they provide during fertilization Alleles- gene pairs Reaction range- the potential degree of variability in the actual expression of a trait due to environmental conditions All humans share 99.9% of the gene sequence, we are more similar to one another than we are different It is only when two recessive genes come together like a match and a fuse that the gene will express itself and a child will inherit the genetic disorder Spontaneous mutation- spontaneously change their form Down syndrome- an extra chromosome on the 21 st pair Genetic factors are intertwined with environmental considerations and can’t be looked at in isolation 250,000 who are born each year with some sort of physical or mental disorder First trimester screen- comvines a blood test and ultrasound sonography in the 11 th to 13 th week Researchers and practitioners have moved beyond testing and counseling to actively working to change flawed genes. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis= genetic screening technique
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Chapter 2 read notes - Developmental Psychology Chapter 2...

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