Abnormal Psycholog Lecture 4

Abnormal Psycholog Lecture 4 - Abnormal Psychology...

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9/7/11 Objective Personality Tests Roots in empirical tradition Include unambiguous test items, offer clients a limited range of responses and are objectively scored o Manual o Score tells you something Typically self-report questionnaires o Series of brief statements or questions to which clients respond in a true/false or multiple choice format I cry often (T/F) I tend to be fearful of things or people (strongly disagree to strongly agree) Assessment: Objective Personality Test Advantages: o Standardized data collection o Economical and easy to administer Group or individuals o Computer scoring and interpretation Example: o MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) o PAI (Personality Assessment Inventory) o Extensive reliability, validity, and normative database Assessment: Neuropsychological Testing Purpose and goals o Assesses brain dysfunction by observing its effects on a person’s ability to perform tasks Receptive and expressive language, attention, concentration, memory, motor skills Example: the Luria- Nebraska and Halstead and Halstead-Reitan Batteries Problems: o False positives- positive findings that are not actually present/true o False negatives- missing something that is actually present Assessment: Neuroimaging and Brain Structure Neuroimaging: pictures of the brain allows for nonintrusive examination Imaging brain structure o X-rays, CAT or CT scan Imaging brain function o MRI, fMRI, PET scan Assessment Psychophysiological
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Abnormal Psycholog Lecture 4 - Abnormal Psychology...

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