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Abnormal Psychology lecture 2 - Abnormal Psychology...

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Abnormal Psychology 10/19/11 Binge- Eating Disorder: Overview and Defining features Binge-eating disorder (B-ED) o Appendix of DSM-IV-TR; experimental diagnostic category o Engage in food binges without compensatory behaviors Associated features o Many persons with B-ED are heavier or obese o Concerns about shape and weight o Often older than bulimia and anorexia patients o More psychopathology (depression and anxiety disorders)vs. non-binging obese people Causes of Bulimia and Anorexia: Dieting is strongly related to binging Media and cultural considerations o Being thin= success, happiness….really? o Cultural glorification of thinness (Western cultures) o Standards of ideal body size Change constantly, as much as fashion o Media standards of the ideal Cultural Considerations Plentiful food= higher rates of ED’s (eating disorders) ED’s more prevalent among females o Compared to Caucasians, prevalence lower among African American and Asian females Equal to Hispanics More common among Native Americans Cultural Considerations Cultural factors, not genetic or biological factors, found to be stronger influence rate of
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Abnormal Psychology lecture 2 - Abnormal Psychology...

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