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Biology of Animals september 8th

Biology of Animals september 8th - Biology of Animals...

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Biology of Animals 9/8/11 Nucleus- store DNA (hard disk) DNA downloads information onto the RNA Leave through the nuclear pores Out into the cytoplasm and some will migrate to the rough ER Ribosomes machines that manufacture proteins (most of them hanging out on the outside of rough ER- manufactures protein Smooth ER- no ribosomes on the outside- manufactures lipids ER- in charge of manufacturing Golgi apparatus- product gets modified so that it is capable of exiting , prepare molecules for export Rough ER manufactured an enzyme (protein) {all enzymes are protein, not all proteins are enzymes} Lysosome- breakdown of food, lysosome is like your stomach Digestion= food breakdown Lecture Mitochondrion-1 (mitochondria- more than 1) (often called the power plant of the cell) o Contains digestive enzymes (like lysosome, but what makes it different is that it derives energy from digestion and the lysosome doesn’t ) o Contains DNA o Question: why History not functional o Story of the 1 st Eukaryotic cells goes back about 1.5 billion years ago. Actors cell shape Good at became role A Ameba (can change shape) Membrane tricks (good) Eukaryotic cell host B bacterium Chemical energy Mitochondrium (DNA) Slave C bacterium Solar energy Chloroplast (DNA) slave Play o Act I: Cell A gulps the B cell, but does not digest it, so we now have an AB cell!
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