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Biology of Animals september 15th

Biology of Animals september 15th - Biology of Animals...

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Biology of Animals 9/15/11 Summary Table Active site- substrates fit Catabolic Metabolism (how you digest your food) Aerobic Respiration: glucose to pyruvate to Krebs cycle Lactic acid- cramp Aerobic- krebs cycle, anaerobic- fermentation (don’t want)- bread, beer Most of our energy comes from the electron transport chain DON’T NEED TO KNOW NUMBERS Pathway Mitochondria ? Aerobic? Start- End ATP? Information Krebs cycle yes Yes Pyruvate to carbon dioxide and water and save electrons in the form of NADH 2/ glucose Clearing house for fragments that are going to be used as monomers Electron transport chain Yes Yes NADH (quarter)into a machine convert to ATP(dollar bill) 32/glucose Trick: chemicosmosis or chemiosmotic {osmosis- pressure= f(concentration)} {chemi- chemical reaction= ADP+Phosphate=A TP} seesaw Electron Transport Chain o Convert energy from NADH to ATP o NAD before it becomes NADH are going to be represented by an empty beaker,
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