Homework # 1 - Dakota Stroud Biology 1402 Section 509...

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Dakota Stroud 9/5/11 Biology 1402 Section 509 Biology of Animals Lab Homework # 1 This article showed how chance can play a big role in scientific discoveries. For example, penicillin was accidently discovered by chance. Penicillin is a very important antibiotic medicine that can be used to cure many different things. People were discovering penicillin at different times and were using it for different illnesses. This helped to show scientists the versatility of penicillin. The article stated that “chance is seldom acknowledged as a contributing factor in important discoveries”; however, I feel like chance is a major contributing factor. Many cures in the medical field have been accidently discovered. Discovering a cure by chance often leads to more analysis of the discovery. This often leads to improvements and sometimes it leads to the discovery of how versatile a cure can be. Many people accidentally discovered penicillin and each applied the medicine in a different way. This showed that one medicine, penicillin, can be
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Homework # 1 - Dakota Stroud Biology 1402 Section 509...

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