Homework 5 - Therefore those individuals with adapted features will be fit to their environment and reproduce more offspring with the same

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Dakota Stroud Biology 1402-509 10/1/11 Natural Selection Week 5 Homework The evolution of the human mouth meets Endler’s three criteria necessary for the process of natural selection to occur. First, the evolution of the mouth accounts for variation in humans. The mouth varies among individuals. For example, some people have wisdom teeth while others do not. Also, the size of the jaw varies among individuals as well as the size of their teeth. All of these differences make variations in humans, which is one of the three criteria necessary for natural selection to occur. Next, the evolution of the human mouth is related to fitness differences. The mouth has changed over time to meet the daily nutritional needs of humans. As the food changed, the mouth evolved. This variation is linked to the reproductive success of individuals. For example, individuals who evolved to adapt to their food supply are more likely to survive and reproduce.
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore, those individuals with adapted features will be fit to their environment and reproduce more offspring with the same desirable features. In this case, the features include no wisdom teeth, shorter teeth, and the shrinkage of the jaw. Finally, the last criteria of Endler’s three criteria is inheritance. The traits have been adapted for individual’s needs, and the evolutionary fit members of a population have reproduced offspring. The offspring will then inherit the same desirable traits. Therefore, offspring will inherit the trait needed for them to be able to better adapt to their environment. This is how evolved traits pass down from one generation to the next, through inheritance. In conclusion, the evolution of the mouth fits into Endler’s three criteria: variation, fitness differences, and inheritance....
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