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Dakota Stroud Biology 1402- 509 9/19/11 DNA Fingerprinting Homework Lab 3 Brandt G. Cassidy, Robert A Gonzales and Brennan. 2005. DNA Testing in Animal Forensics . Journal of Wildlife Management . 69: 1454-1462. Rob Ogden, Nick Dawnay, Ross McEwing. 2009. Wildlife DNA forensics- bridging the gap between conservation genetics and law enforcement. Endangered Species Research . 9: 179-195. Christiane Frosch, Aleksandar Dutsov, Georgi Georgiev, Carsten Nowak. 2011. Case report of a fatal bear attack documented by forensic wildlife genetics. Forensic Science International- Genetics. 5: 342-344. Case report of a fatal bear attack documented by forensic wildlife genetics DNA has been used for many years to find criminals who have committed crimes. DNA can also be used to find animals who have committed a crime. For example, we can use DNA to find animals who have been involved in animal attacks. Also, many times after an animal attacks
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Unformatted text preview: a human the animal will be killed. Animal forensics can help in this aspect. It can ensure that the animal that is killed is the same animal that made the attack. The example in the article was about an attack made by a bear that killed a human. A few days after the attack, a bear was shot in the same vicinity. They had found a hair sample near the dead body and ran DNA tests to see if it matched that of the bear that was killed a few days later. The wrong bear was shot and a couple of days later another bear attack occurred. The importance of animal forensics in this case is to help wildlife management by pinpointing the vicious bear so that matters can be taken care of and another fatal bear attack won’t occur, by the same bear anyways....
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