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problem set 2 - Problem Set 2 BIOL 313 Principles of...

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Problem Set 2 BIOL 313, Principles of Genetics Due Wed., Feb. 20 at 12:10 PM Name__________________________________________________ 1) (4 pts) During interrupted mating experiments involving E. coli , five different Hfr strains donate the following markers in the order shown: Hfr Strain markers transferred, and order transferred 1 R X M K A 2 P D R X M 3 W P D R X 4 X R D P W 5 M K A W P Draw one generalized map of the circular E. coli chromosome containing 10 loci: - the five genes (use letters on your drawing) - the five sex factor integration positions, one for each of the Hfr strains (use numbers) 2) (3 pts) Given that a human normally contains 46 chromosomes, give the chromosome number for each of the "conditions" listed below: Turner syndrome (female, no Barr bodies) Klinefelter syndrome (male, one Barr body) Triploid Down syndrome (trisomic) Trisomy 13 Cri-du-Chat Syndrome 1
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3) (5 pts) Two homologous chromosomes are found to have the following gene orders: A---(cent)---B---C---D---E---F---G--- a---(cent)---d---c---b---e----f---g--- where (cent) marks the position of the centromere.
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