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10/25 GENDER PAY GAP Patterns: Inequality in earnings gender pay gap Explanations: Processes Actors solutions? Manufacturing decreased earnings gap Earnings Men’s earn: Women’s earn: depend on education Social scientists explanations for wage gap: Supply side Skills Educational attainment Productivity/efficiency Time spent working Experience: women in labor market experience more interruptions due to childbirth; more time is spent at work by men Wage bargaining: collective, individual Trade-off—flexibility “Compensating differentials” Demand Side (employers actions)
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Unformatted text preview: • Gender stereotypes—taste for discrimination • Statistical discrimination • Past legacies—pay discrimination • Equal Pay Act (EPA) 1963 gave women opportunity to sue; class action suits. However, $$ and time consuming • Secrecy, same jobs, different wages Professional Rater’s Point Assignments & Actual Wages Women: ascribed characteristics—nurturing and caring, thus, did not have to be compensated for natural traits Men: Ex. Auto Mechanic—acquired/learned skills, paid based on learning for complex skills...
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