history prompts - By: Deepika Mukhara 9/10/11 Importance of...

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Deepika Mukhara 9/10/11 Importance of Humanities at Thomas Jefferson HSST The Humanities department is an essential part of our academic classes. One significant reason for this is that it serves as a bridge between our academic education and our general society. Few of the many marvels in which humanities has to offer include poetry, novels, music, art, history. These key aspects of our culture cannot be taught in a science or technology class. Another prominent benefit of the Humanities department at Thomas Jefferson is that it helps students find a different perspective of the world and its social order in a way that a Science or Technology class cannot offer. Although Thomas Jefferson HSST’s main purpose is to prepare their students for a successful future with its rigorous math and science courses, its students will not be likely to flourish without a proper understanding of the culture, language, and social norms of the world around them. The Humanities department is also significant because it brings clarity to the future. The skills developed in humanities allow us to gain insight and analyze mistakes in the past in order to set up the future. By:
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history prompts - By: Deepika Mukhara 9/10/11 Importance of...

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