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For PowerPoint due Thursday 11/18 Um. . idk how may slides this is gunna take up…. Radiolarians: *Radiolarians are distinguished by 1.) The separation of their soft anatomy into the central capsule, which contain endoplasm, surrounding ectoplasm 2.) Siliceous skeletons of the large majority of species *Are richly evident in the fossil record; their ornate, and there silica-hardened parts do not break down easily *nearly all drift in the ocean currents as components of plankton *a membrane or capsule divides the cell into two biochemically distinct zones, one zone with
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Unformatted text preview: nucleus, and the other with digestive vacuoles Actinopod: *also known as “ray feet” include radiolarians and heliozoans *name refers to numerous pseudopods that radiate from the body * The rays on this organism help keep it afloat and help it eat. * These organisms are heterotrophic meaning that they eat other organisms. Pictures for Radiolarians: Pictures for Actinopod:...
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