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Ecology Test difference between the DO and BOD tests source of oxygen in water role of oxygen general kit procedures: oxygen, pH, nitrate, phosphate, temperature, coliform missing tests on WQI form Q-chart interpretation importance of turbidity coliform Standard deviation Q-value determination percent saturation determination calculate the biodiversity index with bugs riffle watershed bug vrs. chem tests factors affecting oxygen purpose of BOD sources of thermal pollution biome types
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Unformatted text preview: food web vrs. food chain vrs food pyramid niches (carnivore, herbivore, consumers, producers, decomposers, autotroph, hetertroph,) cycles pH results effect of pollution on biodiversity biomagnification 10% rule habitat stream bugs main types nitrogen cycle nitrate vrs. phosphate riparian strip plankton calculations stream discharge procedure energy and entropy in living organisms aquatic biomes factors that determine biome type...
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