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The Effect of Molasses Concentration on Carbon Dioxide Production Purpose: To determine the effect of various molasses concentrations on the carbon dioxide produced by yeast during fermentation. Materials: 6 large test tubes 6 small test tubes that fit inside the large test tubes (all must be the same size) graduated cylinder 0, 5 , 10, 15, 20, and 25 % molasses mixtures (500 ml. of each for three classes; all have the same concentration of yeast) yeast stock (3 ml. added to each molasses mixture stock bottle; make 30 minutes before class by combining 100 ml. water, ¼ package yeast and 1 teaspoon sugar.) parafilm marker pens test tube racks rulers Procedure: 1. Pour 25 ml. of 25% yeast/molasses mixture into a large test tube. INVERT THE MIXTURE BOTTLE TO MIX before pouring out the 25 ml. 2. From this large test tube, pour out enough mixture to almost fill a small test tube. Carefully invert the small test tube and quickly insert it (up-side-down) into the large test tube, trying to minimize the size of the air bubble that will inevitably result in the smaller test tube.
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