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novembercalender - power point presentations(evaluations 19...

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday No school No school 3 Anchor Day 4 Quiz: Ch 5 5 8 9 Potato Experiment EDD Explain tables and graphs 10 11 Quiz: Ch 6 Finish potato experiment 12 15 Potato lab due Quiz: Cell articles and discussion 16 Critter project EDD minipaper with EDD (one copie for each student 17 18 Microbes
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Unformatted text preview: power point presentations (evaluations) 19 22 23 Ch. 7 Quiz Photosynthesis lecture 24 Two-hours early release 25 Thanksgiving 26 Thanksgiving 29 30 EDD pigments lab 1 2 Critter Background and Dependent Variable paper (with sources) one copy per student 3...
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