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Statistics Criteria Grader: _____________________ Gradees: ________________ ________________ ________________ Title, capitalized correctly, IV and DV included Independent Variable Label, located correctly 0.3 Units included 0.3 Dependent Variable Label, correctly located 0.3 Units included 0.3 Descriptive Statistics Central Tendency, correct type 0.3 Variation, correct type 0.3 Number 0.3 Calculations Central Tendency values correctly entered 0.3
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Unformatted text preview: Variation values correctly entered 0.3 Inferential Statistics Correct test used 0.3 Alpha level listed 0.3 Degrees of Freedom shown 0.3 t, F, or X 2 values shown as appropriate 0.3 (P also given for ANOVA only) Descriptive paragraph (See packet for template) Null hypothesis given 0.3 Test significance interpreted correctly 0.3 Correct action suggested 0.3 Table Format correct 0.2 5.0 TOTAL ____...
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