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01/13/2011 NOTES Chapter 20—Prokaryotes Split into Bacteria and Viruses Prokaryotes o No nucleus o No organelles—cell structures with membranes Ex. Chloroplasts, Endoplasmic Reticulum, mitochondria o Have cell walls - Protective Structure Cell wall determines gram positive or gram negative depending on if it is stained by gram staining (positive) or not (negative) Bacteria** o Prokaryotes with circular DNA o Plasmids Carries few genes will some DNA Has the antibodies of the virus               Viruses o Are not cells o Particles which are made of Proteins Nucleic acid o Obligatory parasites—can’t survive outside the host Chapter 21—Protists Eukaryotic cells—1 st to occur in evolution Most are aquatic Most protists are unicellular
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Some are multicelluler (including algae) From the Nutritional Point of View, there are three different categories o Autotrophs—create own food (chloroplasts) o Heterotrophs—eat food, motile (amoebas) o Mixotrophs—can switch between being autotrophic and heterotrophic 9 different groups inside protists - That we need to know o Euglenids (euglena)** Many feed by phagocytosis Mixotrophs. Photosynthetic, but can be hetertophic Use Flagella Outer covering—pellicle One eyespot with photoreceptor for photosynthesis Asexual reproduction o Dinoflagellates** Has two flagella and cellulose plate coverings One flagella is tail like One flagella is wrapped around the center these are depicted as the white stringy things to the right
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bio.notes - 01/13/2011 NOTES Chapter 20Prokaryotes Split...

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