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Fermentation Lab Report - Fermentation Lab Report BY...

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Fermentation Lab Report BY: Deepika Mukhara Snap (period 2) Experimental Design Diagram The purpose of this experiment is to test the Effect of Various Molasses Concentrations on the Carbon Dioxide Produced by Yeast during Fermentation. My Hypothesis in this experiment is, If the Various Molasses Concentrations increases, then the Carbon Dioxide produced by the yeast increases. The independent variable in this experiment is the percentage molasses concentrations. The different levels of the independent variables were 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%. In this experiment out dependent variable was the height of the carbon dioxide bubble. This bubble was measured in millimeters (mm). The constants in this experiment were the type of molasses mixture, the yeast stock, the temperature during the fermentation, and the time given for the experiment to ferment.
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Procedures First, our table poured the 25% yeast molasses mixture into a large test tube. From this large test tube, we poured out enough mixture to almost fill a small test tube. We then carefully inverted the small test tube and quickly inserted it (up-side down) into the large test tube. We made sure
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