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JANUARY 2011 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 3 Anchor Fermentation lab report 4 Liver lab EDP 5 6 Quiz: Ch 14 Proteins and translationPlan t presentations 7 10 Anchor Liver lab report 11 Descriptive statistics notes and practice 12 13 Quiz: Respiration articles discussion 14 17 No school 18 Jeopardy Critter rationale in English 19 20
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Unformatted text preview: Quarter 2 exam 21 24 Anchor Dosage paragraph for critter Methods Grades check Review exam 25 Quiz: Ch 9 and 10 ( mitosis, meiosis) Assign mitosis/meiosis movies 26 27 Quiz: Mitosis/meiosis / articles discussion Inferential statistics notes and practice. 28 End of second quarter ....
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