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By: Deepika Mukhara Study Guide 1. Glucose : formed from Glyceraldehyde three phosphates (PGAL). It is then oxidized to produce energy for the internal functions of the plant. Excess of glucose is formed in the form of starch. 2. Chlorophyll: Is found in the chloroplast of green plants. There are two types of chlorophyll, a and b, these chlorophylls have the same molecular structure, except chlorophyll a has a side chain of (CH3) and b has (CHO). They are effective photo receptors and absorb light energy from the sun. 3. NADP: Is a coenzyme which acts as a hydrogen carrier. The role of NADP is to carry the hydrogen atom from the light dependent stage. In the Calvin cycle, NADPH is converted into NADP which is used to help convert PGA into PGAL. 4. ATP: This is the energy that is produced in the light reaction which is converted in the dark reaction to ADP +P1; this helps in the conversion of PGA to PGAL. 5. Oxygen: This is one of the byproducts in photosynthesis; it is produced in addition to glucose and water. This is produced when the water-splitting enzyme, splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is released, while the hydrogen stays in the thylakoid space. 6. Carbon Dioxide: This is used in the carbon fixation in the beginning of the Calvin Cycle. Therefore, it is a reactant in photosynthesis. 7. Water: This is a product and reactant in photosynthesis. The water-splitting enzyme acts on the water molecule and releases oxygen and hydrogen. This activates an electron
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Studyguide-photosynthesis - By Deepika Mukhara Study Guide...

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