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Study Guide is under Course Document . Use your reference handouts, labs, activities, powerpoints, quizzes, notes to prepare for your test. Be able to: ID real electronic parts from a unsorted pile Read and or write electronic symbols from the reference paper  Define and or explain vocabulary terms from the reference paper  Convert electronic units such as: ampere to milliampere, ohm to kiloohms, microfarads to farads Calculate total resistance, current and voltage across a resistor in:        series circuits        parallel circuits        combination circuits Calculate a dropping resistor value for a given battery/LED circuit
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Unformatted text preview: Calculate total capacitor storage in: series circuits parallel circuits Read and or write circuit diagrams Read and or write resistor color codes Build a simple working circuit on a breadboard Demonstrate on a breadboard a real series, parallel or combination circuit from a given circuit diagram Correct the polarity of electronic components a circuit board or diagram Use a digital multimeter to measure resistance, voltage, and or test continuity of a given circuit...
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