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Problem Set 3 - Problem Set 3 Biology 313 Principles of...

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Problem Set 3 Biology 313, Principles of Genetics Due Monday March 10, 2008 Name____________________________________________ 1) (3 pts) (1A) How are heterogeneous nuclear RNA (hnRNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA) related? (1B) Where in the cell would each type of RNA be found? (1C) List the 3 major processing events required to make mRNA? 2) (4.5 pts) The nontemplate strand of DNA has the following base sequence: 5'-CGCGGTTAGGTATAATTGACGCGTATGAGAGCTGTTCTGCTCCTTTTTAGTAAACCTTAATGAGCT-3' (2A) Underline in the above sequence an important cis -acting promoter element and provide its name. (2B) Find the open reading frame and write the corresponding mRNA sequence starting with the 5' codon. 1
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(2C) Translate this mRNA into a sequence of amino acids. (2D) Assume a single C is inserted in the above mRNA sequence between the second and third base of the triplet codon for the first Phe . Write the new mRNA strand that results from this insertion and its translation product. What is the name for this type of change?
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