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BY: Deepika Mukhara and Navya Kambalapally Historical Analogies Assignment I) The use the of Cyrillic alphabet in Europe was similar to the use of the Chinese alphabet in East Asia a. The Cyrillic alphabet, a modified form of the Greek alphabet, was used by Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, and Serbs. These peoples had different spoken languages, but used the same script. Similarly, the Vietnamese, Koreans, and Japanese used Chinese writing. By understanding how the same alphabet could be used for different languages, it allows for us to predict how alphabets will be used for spoken languages in the future. a.i. The Cyrillic alphabet was made and spread for religious reasons, while the Chinese alphabet was spread through conquering and culture spreading. a.ii. The Cyrillic alphabet is still used today by the people it was spread to, unlike the Chinese alphabet. Vietnamese, Koreans, and Japanese developed their own forms of writing after their country developed more. 2) The way Buddhism is similar to that of Shinto.
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