Summary of Moderate vs. Extremist Views in the Muslim World

Summary of Moderate vs. Extremist Views in the Muslim World...

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By: Deepika Mukhara Mafia 7/19/11 Summary of “Moderate vs. Extremist Views in the Muslim World” This article mainly talks about the great differences in views of the Moderate Muslim and the Extremist Muslim. This article begins by talking about a theory of Islamic faith being the source of the current terrorist threats in the United States. The article states that nearly one-third of Americans believe that Islam encourages violence against non-Muslims. If this is true, than the widespread of Muslim countries are would promote an increase of terrorist attacks. So the only active solution would seem to be to put seize the expansion on Muslim countries. The Gallop data suggested to look deeper into this situation and see what may be the real source of these terrorist attacks, and they think that the prevalence e of these “extremist” mindsets, which make-up only a small population of these Muslims, are changing the general perception of
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Unformatted text preview: Muslims today. But Muslims themselves say that they dislike the ‘narrow-minded fanaticism and violent extremism . ” When the Gallup data ran a survey between extremists and moderates, they were surprised to find that the two groups showed little difference in religiosity. Another statistic they found was that the political radicals were slightly more educated than the moderates. The radicals also believed that the invasion of the United States in Iraq did more harm than good. When asked, the extremists found occupation and Us domination as their biggest fear, while moderates said the economy. Political radicals fell that Islam is not only degraded but also threatened. Therefore they felt a greater sense of pressure to protect their cultural identity by making extreme sacrifices. The article also finally states that according to their surveys, Extremists seem to have a lack of faith in diplomacy as a means of change....
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