summer reading for HUM1 - Alias Grace In this novel, author...

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Alias Grace In this novel, author Margaret Atwood retells the story of Grace Marks, a real nineteenth-century Canadian woman who was accused of and spent thirty years in jail for the murder of two people. Atwood, Margaret Eleanor 19 Canadian Yes N/N/N Bride Price, The When Aku-nna's father dies, the tribe demands that she, her mother, and brother go to live with her uncle, a situation that conflicts with the views she holds in the 1950s. Emecheta, Buchi 12 Nigerian Yes N/N/N Brothers Karamazov, The Three sons of an old drunkard search for faith in God. Dostoyevsky, Fyodor 8 Russian Yes N/N/N Candide The story of Candide, a naive youth who is conscripted, shipwrecked, robbed, and tortured by the Inquisition without losing his will to live. Voltaire 7 French Yes Y/N/N Count of Monte Cristo, The When Dantès escapes from prison, he is obsessed with gaining revenge against those who betrayed him, as well as rewarding those who remained loyal to him. Dumas, Alexandre 19 French Yes N/N/N Crime and Punishment Raskolnikoff murders an old moneylender and her sister, and after a lengthy investigation a saintly prostitute Sonya convinces him to confess. Dostoyesvky, Fyodor 3 Russian Yes Y/N/N/ Cry, the Beloved Country A Zulu country parson arrives in Johannesburg and finds that his sister has become a prostitute and his son a murderer. Paton, Alan 3 South African Yes N/Y/Y Daughter of Fortune One of Allende's main themes is that of patriarchy, which makes reference to a society in which men make all the rules, thus having authority over women and children. Allende, Isabel 18 Chilean Yes Y/N/N
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summer reading for HUM1 - Alias Grace In this novel, author...

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