Week 2 - Discussion Questions 1 through 8 Pages 72-73 1. To...

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Discussion Questions 1 through 8 Pages 72-73 1. To take a system view of a project the project management needs to make sure the project operates in a bored organization environment, and project managers need to consider projects within the greater organization context. To handle complex situation effectively, project managers need to take a holistic view of a project and understand how it relates to the larger organizations. A holistic view is also sometimes called system thinking. 2. The four frames of organization are, structural frame, human resources (HR) frame, political frame, and symbolic frame. Project manager have to understand the importance of developing a better understanding of people and organizations. Most projects are known to fail because the project manager doesn’t spend enough time to indentify the organizational context of their projects. 3. Each of these three falls under the organizational structures. The functional organization structure is when people with a certain skill work on something related to that skill. For example if plumber was teaching plumber certification class, another one could be if a dancer was teaching a dance class. You wouldn’t want a history teacher say teaching you how to dance. Now when it comes to project organization structure it almost the opposite of the functional structure as people don’t do just what that are they are hired on more for their skills to work on a project and are what I would think to be more diverse. Last there is the matrix organization structure this is the middle ground between to two listed above and answer to the answer to both functional mangers as well as project managers. With this structure the strength, weakness, or balance is based on the control exerted by the project manager. 4. Organizational culture is related to project management in the fact that it is important to the success of a project. Some organizational culture makes it easier to manage projects. Any away is makes the group that is working on the project more or a team then individuals just working on parts of the same project. The
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Week 2 - Discussion Questions 1 through 8 Pages 72-73 1. To...

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