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Discussion Questions 1 through 8, pages 375 1. In 2000 and again in 2008 the job market changed significantly. With a lack of employees, companies regularly would offer top pay and incentives. No matter what the market conditions are employees still need to be treated well. A project management roll has become even more important now in the IT why we are still in the recession. 2. The process in human resource management is to put together a project team, developing the project team, and managing the project team. 3. Maslow – A highly respected psychologist who rejected the dehumanizing negative of psychology in the 1950s, us best known for developing a hierarchy of needs. Herzberg – Is best known for distinguishing between motivational factors and hygiene factors when considering motivation in work settings. McClellan – Proposed that an individual’s specific needs are acquired needs include achievement, affiliation, and power. McGregor – Is best known for developing Theory X Theory Y.
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