Week Three Assignments - Discussion Questions 1 through 5...

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Discussion Questions 1 through 5 page 169 1. A project integration management involves coordinating all of the other project management knowledge areas throughout a project’s life cycle. Someone must communicate key project information to top management. This someone is the project manager, and the project manager’s chief means for accomplishing all these tasks is project integration management. Good project integration management is critical to providing stakeholder satisfaction. 2. Strategic planning involves determining long-term objectives by analyzing the strength and weaknesses of an organization, studying opportunities and threats in the business environment, predicting future trends, and projecting the need for new products and services. As most people are familiar with SWOT analysis - analyzing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats – which is used to aid planning. SWOT analysis, organizations often follow a detailed process for project selection. The figure below shows a four stage planning process for selecting information technology projects. 3. 1. Developing the project charter – This involves working with stakeholder to create the
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Week Three Assignments - Discussion Questions 1 through 5...

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