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Organizational Behaviour Report: College Pro Painters Canada Andrew Hines Section 001 MWF, 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 4, 2009 The Executors: Shanni Deng Maggie Hao Asim Husain James Lee Michelle Nguyen Matthew Woo 1
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College Pro Painters has chosen three candidates for a new general manager position that has opened up. In order to select the best candidate, an analysis on past and present culture, structure, power, and motivation within the organization is required to create the decision criteria needed to determine the most suitable choice. The selected candidate must align with the company’s culture that values its customers, employees and the community, while capitalizing on its divisional structure and adapting to the various needs of different markets. The candidate should demonstrate an achievement-oriented style leadership and show understanding of how to utilize the need for achievement while properly exerting reward and expert power. Julie Devereux was selected as the best candidate for the position due to her need for achievement, assistance with head office tasks, ability to encourage employee growth, and overall commitment to and involvement within College Pro. She was weighed against her fellow candidates in every aspect, and after careful analysis, was found to be the most appropriate contender. All three candidates will be informed of the decision through a phone call and a formal letter. A detailed description and training calendar for Devereux’s transition will be mailed to her and discussed during a meeting with Jen Neilson. Salim Ismail will be offered the position of a financial advisor as he has proven to be most competent in the field. However, he will simultaneously maintain his position as franchisee, offering him with a challenge which suits his motivation. On the other hand, Caitlyn Ballard will be advised to improving customer satisfaction. To ensure a smooth shift from franchisee to general manager, the following training protocols will be followed: Training course for o Operating in competitive environments o Teaching others to paint and handle a variety of classroom situations Jen Nielson will assume the role as Devereux’s financial mentor Devereux will shadow under a current general manager Weekly checkups to monitor her progress and address any concerns she may encounter In addition to the above procedure, Devereux must also select a franchisee to replace her original position. Since she is experienced in the recruitment process, she is in the best position to make this decision. Should Devereux not accept her offer as general manager, the position will be given to Caitlyn Ballard as she has shown more involvement in head office tasks with more experience in the recruiting process. However, based on her weakness in customer satisfaction, she will also have to undergo a series of training. 2
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FINALOBreport - Organizational Behaviour Report College Pro...

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