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In filling the open position for College Pro’s general manager, the candidate must be aligned with the company’s core objectives that focus on customer service, employee training and community development. Thus, the potential general manager must highly value maximizing customer satisfaction, and such a characteristic can be determined by reviewing each candidate’s previous customer quality ratings. The employees’ success determines the company’s overall success; therefore the candidates must be able to share their high level of expertise with their subordinates by developing an effective training program. This ability can be evaluated by reviewing all three candidates’ past successes, including any awards they have received. College
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Unformatted text preview: Pro prides itself in its recruitment of inexperienced students, to whom they give the opportunities to develop into future entrepreneurs. Based on this objective, the new general manager must exhibit a genuine concern for community development, which is evident from the candidates’ involvement within the organization, specifically the recruitment process. College Pro operates primarily on an achievement-oriented model that advocates the incentive to progress internally through the company through dedication and executing goals. As general manager, the candidate must be able to motivate employees by being an example of this model and be consistent in completing both short-term and long-term goals....
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