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COLLEGE PRO PAINTERS CANADA Here’s what I had to say. Add your implications/ findings, if any, in a different colour to avoid duplication. Thanks guys. Have a good rest of the week Hint: You can see that I never got around to the last three bullets… - Shanni. Past implications Identify key characteristics of the organizational culture - CP values quality (of workers and paint jobs), service (planning/training in advance to avoid mishaps), and function (multi-dimentional; provide customers with affordable renovation, as well as developing students into responsible adults) - Its core focuses are customers, employees, and the community - Customers: offers 2-yr guarantee on the work done; asks them to rate the work using customer satisfaction surveys, paints twice if homeowners are not satisfied with the first; uses a TQM approach: believes that quality will speak for the company and improve sales as opposed to excessive advertisement - Employees: the company employs mostly students/ young people and educates them about how a business is operated; hands-on experience can be gained; accuracy and precision is evident through their certified training of new workers; promotions within the company is also common – full of opportunities once they jump on the bandwagon - Community: CP genuinely believes in expanding student potential whereas other companies may overlook them for their lack of experience – maturity over age; educates its employees about the proper disposal of left-over paint so that they don’t become an environmental burden - Community focus > financial focus - Salim hasn’t helped out within the company or the community as much as his competitors, both of which have helped CP launch new franchisees. However, he is making the most money, experiencing a 98% net income increase between 04’ and 05’ – we might want to find out which would he prioritize more as a GM –
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