2010chromatography - ) ) ) Chromatography ) ) ) Most...

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) ) ) C h r o m a t o g r a p h y ) ) ) Most commercial colours are mixtures of two or more dyes. In this experiment, we will use paper chromatography to separate colours into their individual component dyes. Various chromatographs have been prepared - some using food colouring, others using markers. Your job is to discover which colours were used to prepare these chromatographs. You will need the following: sheets of filter paper different coloured markers different colours of food colouring toothpicks a wooden skewer a 250 mL beaker a 1% salt solution Make a dot using a coloured marker 1.5 cm (1/2 inch) from one end of the filter paper. This is the bottom end of the filter paper. After the coloured spot on the filter paper has dried, go back and repeat the process to get more colour on the same spot. Repeat this process on another piece of filter paper using a toothpick and food colouring. “Spot” the colour onto the filter paper. Dampen the tip of one of the toothpicks in one of the coloured solutions and lightly touch it to the filter paper.
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2010chromatography - ) ) ) Chromatography ) ) ) Most...

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