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PHILO1200Assgmt2 - nothing at all because the truth of...

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Name: Shanni Deng September 23, 1990 Student #: 250471480 T.A.: Kristina Biniek Philosophy 1220 – Assignment #2 2.1.2 The two main categories of common obstacles to critical thinking are those that arise because of how we think and those that arise because of what we think. The former involves psychological factors like our fears and emotions, while the latter is based on our philosophical ideas (for example, our beliefs on beliefs). 2.1.9 Selective attention occurs when a person is more aware of certain matters over others which may or may not be of equal importance. We unintentionally ignore truths that contradict our beliefs, as it is human nature to want to be right. 2.1.15 Subjective relativism is the theory that everyone can be right in their own realm; the idea that “truth is whatever we believe in”. 2.1.19 Philosophical skepticism is the belief that we know a lot less than we think we know, or
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Unformatted text preview: nothing at all, because the truth of certain claims cannot be verified. 2.1.20 Our knowledge does not require certainty. If we were to solely believe in matters that are for certain, then we would know very little. As rational beings, we adhere to claims not because they are beyond all possible doubt, but because they are beyond all reasonable doubt. 2.2.2 Face-saving. 2.2.9 Self-interested thinking. 2.2.11 Self-interested thinking. 2.3.2 b. 2.3.7 No good reason listed. 2.4.4 Appeal to popularity. Negative effect: overlooking more important factors than popularity (i.e. own political standing) 2.4.6 Peer pressure. Negative effect: More vulnerable to the manipulation of those with opposing beliefs 2.5.4 Face-saving. Negative consequences: Failure to practice critical thinking as a result of ignoring evidence 2.5.5face-saving: Negative consequence: A surge of guilt or regret for having cheated...
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