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Shanni Deng 25 November 2008 TA: Kris Biniek Philosophy 1200 – Assignment 10 7.1.10 – 1 mark Subject: Canadian banks that had dealings with Enron Predicate: Institutions that deserve our business Universal negative, E 7.1.14 – 1 mark Subject: Congressional Republican leaders Predicate: Pro-lifers Particular affirmative, I 7.1.17 – 1 mark Subject: Child-abuse caseworkers Predicate: Overburdened civil servants Universal affirmative, A 7.2.8 – 1 mark No snakes are mammals, E 7.2.11 – 1 mark All persons identical with Gregory are Liberals, A
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Unformatted text preview: 7.2.12 – 1 mark No players injured in training are individuals who are suit up for the opening game, E 7.3.3 – 1 mark All cat owners are people who wish to salute the free and independent side of their evolutionary character, A 7.3.6 – 1 mark Some young people are individuals who are non-Catholic, I 7.3.11 – 1 mark Some Acadians are people who settled in what is called the “French Shore” of Nova Scotia, I 7.3.18 – 1 mark All artists are people who are visionaries, A Total: 10 marks...
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