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Shanni Deng TA: Kris Biniek Weekly Assignment #15 Answer the following questions according to the instructions in the textbook (no amendments needed this week): 9.1.9 – pg. 341 ( 2 marks ) Inference to the best explanation is different from teleological or interpretive explanations because the latter two concern form (non-theoretical) while the former has to do with the quality (theoretical) of the explanan. A best explan can be teleological, interpretive, or any other type of explanan. It is simply an explanation of a state of affairs that is found to be superior to alternative explanations. 9.2.3 – pg. 341 ( 2 marks ) State of affairs being explained (explanandum): Why did James say that he saw a ghost in his bedroom? Explanation (explanan): Because he drinks too much and has a vivid imagination.
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Unformatted text preview: 9.2.6 – pg. 341 ( 2 marks ) State of affairs being explained (explanandum): Binge drinking is on the rise at Canadian universities. Explanation (explanan): This can best be explained by the permissive attitudes of the university presidents. 9.3.6 – pg. 342 ( 2 marks ) Interpretive 9.3.11 – pg. 342 ( 2 marks ) Theoretical 9.5 – passage #1 – pg. 343 ( 4 marks ) 1. Why many people believe that drinking warm milk at bedtime helps them fall asleep. 2. The Tryptophan in the milk converts to serotonin, which affects sleep patterns. 3. Yes. It has been scientifically proven. 4. Yes. The psychological comfort gained from believing that milk enables sleeping. Assignment total: 14 marks...
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