PHILO1200SelfAssessmentTest#2 - Self-assessment Quiz...

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Self-assessment Quiz – Chapter 8 1. X per cent of observed members of group A have property P. Therefore, X per cent of all members of group A probably have property P. 2. Target group: Whole collection of individuals, group as a whole; sample: Observed members; relevant property: Property we are interested in. 3. Sample is small. Sample is not representative. 4. Thing A has properties P1, P2, P3 + property P4. Thing B has properties P1, P2, P3. Therefore, B probably has P4. 5. Weak. Not representative. 6. Weak. Too small. Not representative. 7. Weak. Too small. 8. Weak. Too small. Not representative. 9. Weak. Not representative. 10. Weak. Too small. Not representative. 11. [Tooth] Pain of two people: One has just had a tooth extracted, and the other has had a similar experience. Conclusion: I infer in these conditions he felt considerable pain, just as I should myself. Strong: Similar experiences being compared, two human beings with the same nervous system. 12. Philosopher and a hungry person. Conclusion: We shall call a philosopher the man
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PHILO1200SelfAssessmentTest#2 - Self-assessment Quiz...

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