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cals first essay - Suzanne Galbraith Katie Stanford...

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Suzanne Galbraith Katie Stanford Katharyn Tupitza Melissa Mares Ann Forrest Amanda Savad Kristen Havrilla Tessa Englund The First Essay: Positive and Negative Impacts of Organic Farming While most people have heard of organic farming, many individuals are not aware of the impacts or depths of the field. As a group, we are all curious to understand the impacts of organic farming on our everyday lives. While we understand that different types of farming have both positive and negative effects on the environment, a majority of our group members have only ever come in contact with the positive aspects of the business. Overall, our understanding of the organic farming industry is vague, but through individual experiences we have some insight into its many benefits and pitfalls. (Group) One member of our group was lucky to have experienced organic farming first hand by working on one over the summer. She had a wide range of knowledge of positive effects of the practice of organic farming. For example, it is good for the environment because it does not
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This note was uploaded on 10/23/2011 for the course ECON 101 taught by Professor Mr.calhoun during the Spring '11 term at Alcorn State.

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cals first essay - Suzanne Galbraith Katie Stanford...

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